"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has." ― Margaret Mead


We are a colorful group of committed researchers, writer, explorers and poiniers of consciousness research. Our aims are first, the inquiry and development of consciousness and second, enabling humanity towards a conscious living in which we can exist in the world.

The persons involved in the Existential Research Institute embrace a variety of skills and knowledge to fullfill our vision: 

Board of Directors

Marcus Schmieke


Founder, Head of Scientific Research
Adjunct Faculty Dev Sanskriti University Haridvar, India

Patricia Lüning-Klemm

Public Relation, Communication

Hans-Werner Quast


Mentors & Scientific Board

Ronald Engert

Sacinandana Swami

Christian Halper

Prof. Dr. Hartmut Schröder

Prof. Dr. Jan Rak

Prof. Dr. Johannes Heinrichs


Dr. Marco Bischof

Andreas Mascha

Dr. Thorsten Ludwig

Julene Siddique

Šárka Dominová

Kateřina Melenová

Stephan Drescher

Maurizio Rosettani

Dennis Johnson MA

Dr. Regina U. Hess

Dr. Pavel Efimov

Kelly Schwegel

Daniel Dick MA

Victoria Paar

Vsevolod Stepanov

Matyas Polnicky

Marcus Schmieke

The founder of the Existential Consciousness Research Institute was born in 1966. During his studies of physics and philosophy in Heidelberg and Hanover, he developed the vision of exploring the interaction between matter and consciousness. This synthesis between science and philosophy is a recurrent pattern in his life. Among other things, he has also studied Vedic philosophy and architecture during his stays in various Indian monasteries.

His encounter with the physicist Burkhard Heim, as well as his work on his own books about science and consciousness – The Last Secret and the Field of Life – laid the theoretical foundation for the development of Information Field technology. Through an intensive examination of Heim’s model of the 12 dimensional structure of the universe, Marcus Schmieke gained a deep understanding of the physical information field.

In 2007, based on the work of Burkhard Heim, the Russian physicist Nikolai Kozyrev and other scientists, Marcus Schmieke developed the first TimeWaver system and thus brought information field technology into practical application for the first time. Within a very short period it proved to be a success in complementary medicine.

He also wrote more than 20 books about the connection of mind and matter and other spiritual and scientific topics, which have been translated into several languages. He is also the co-founder of the Tattva Viveka magazine, a forum for philosophical and scientific exchanges.

Marcus Schmieke is the founder of the Vedic Academy e.V (now ConScience e.V.), co-founder of the Institute for Applied Consciousness Research (IACR) near Berlin, where he is investigating the interaction between matter and consciousness with several international physicists, and founder of the Existential Consciousness Research Institute ECR, which organizes the international “Worlds of Consciousness” events. He is an adjunct faculty member at the Dev Sanskriti University in Haridwar, India. He gives lectures on scientific, philosophical and medical topics worldwide.

Patricia Lüning-Klemm

“The greater the individual’s knowledge of one’s self, and the deeper the inner space of silence, the easier and more peaceful is life.”

Patricia Lüning-Klemm studied psychology, German and French languages and literature in Münster, Paris and Giessen. After additional training in Psychoanalysis, Group Dynamics, System-oriented Counselling and existential and Deep Psychotherapy, she worked at a clinic, at high school and for a national association.

Through her psycho-spiritually inspired therapeutic counselling, she focuses on the exploring and unfolding of the human potential. Further on she publishes articles for complimentary periodicals as a freelance author.

Together with like-minded people, she wants to share the knowledge and practice required for an inner mind-shift.

Homepage: https://patricia-luening.de

Hans-Werner Quast

Hans-Werner Quast was born in 1965. He studied journalism, art and graphic design in Hanover and in the USA, in addition to several semesters in psychology and sociology. He has spent many years in various countries such as the USA, Indonesia and Denmark. Since 2007 he has been working as marketing director in the medical technology industry and in research.

In the past, he has co-produced several television programs about medicine and has accompanied pharmaceutical companies in concrete case studies. A keen interest in philosophy, parapsychology, meditation, science and spirituality has been an essential part of his life since his school days. For more than 10 years he intensively practiced martial arts, which strongly influenced his interest in eastern philosophy, yoga and consciousness research in his life.

In his free time he likes to make music, loves art, literature and philosophy and has been meditating daily since 1990. Long walks on the beach give him the balance for his busy everyday life. He is married and has three children. Since 2007 Hans-Werner is president of ConScience e.V. (formerly Vedic Academy e.V.), which serves as the formal organ of the ECR Institute and the IACR.

Ronald Engert

Ronald Engert is editor of Tattva Viveka -Journal for science, philosophy and spiritual Culture. The Sanskrit name means “distinction of truth and illusion”:
Truth stands above individual religions and cultures and is based on the common good of all living beings measure.

The vision is to bring spiritual enrichment to the world to bring – with a scientific basic attitude and at the same time openness for transcendence. Ronald Engert was born in 1961 and has a German language and literature degree, Romance studies and philosophy, later Indology and religious studies at the Johann
Wolfgang Goethe University Frankfurt am Main studied.

1994 he was co-founder of the magazine Tattva Viveka, since 1996 he has been publisher and editor-in-chief.  In 2017 he obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Cultural Studies at the Humboldt University to Berlin. He is also the author of “Good that I am there. Diary of a Recovery” and “The absolute place. Philosophy of the subject”. 

Tattva Viveka publishes spiritually Scientists and authentic spiritual Practitioners from all cultures, to explore these two worlds in the new paradigm of an ntegrative to connect consciousness.


Sacinandana Swami

Sacinandana Swami has been a monk in the bhakti tradition for 50 years. He is known for his significant contribution to the practice of contemplation and meditation for modern practitioners. Sacinandana Swami has published eight books and released three CDs, and offers an array of retreats, seminars, and workshops. He teaches at the Vrindavana Institute for Higher Education in India and the Bhaktivedanta College in Belgium. Furthermore, Sacinandana Swami serves as the spiritual guide for the Veda Academy, which is active in eight countries, and in 2009 founded two organizations, “Yoga Is Music” and “Braj Care”. Fon of India’s sacred pilgrimage sites, he annually goes there to seek personal inspiration. Although his pilgrimages have taken him all over the subcontinent, he is particularly fond of the sacred land of Vrindavan, the birthplace of Lord Krishna.

Prof. Hartmut Schröder

Hartmut Schröder is professor of language use and therapeutic communication at the European University Viadrina.

He is director of the Steinbeis Transfer Institute for therapeutic communication and integrated health promotion of the Steinbeis University Berlin as well as member of the Senate of Economics. He is full member of the European Academy of Sciences and Arts, vice president of the International Society for Natural and Cultural Healing, Managing Director of Therapeium Innovative Concepts GmbH and acknowledged expert in prevention and stress management, cultural health and corporate health responsibility.

He is dedicated to future science of the health that combines the potential of modern science with the experiences of traditional healing, in which empathy plays a key role to communicate and act.

Prof. Jan Rak

Jan Rak is a professor of ultra-relativistic nuclear physics at the Jyvaskyla University in Finland. He graduated from the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University in Prague a couple of years before the break down of the communist era in Czech. After he earned his PhD he participated as an experimentalist in all major accelerator experiments around the world, JINR, Dubna, Russia, CERN, Geneva, Switzerland, Max Plank Institute in Heidelberg, Germany, Brookhaven National Laboratory, USA and finally at Jyvaskyla University, Finland. His main research subject is the relativistic quantum field theory summarized in the book he wrote with his American colleague M. Tannebaum “High-p_T physics in the Heavy Ion Era” (Cambridge University Press, 2013). Currently he is a project leader of Finnish participation in the ALICE experiment at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN.

Since he learned the foundation of quantum physics at the University, he is fascinated by the world of obscure and counter-intuitive behavior of subatomic particles and found many intriguing connections between quantum physics and the world of spirituality. He is developing, together with his colleagues from various fields of physics, medicine and biology a quantum-physics-inspired theory. The underlying principles exploit an observer effect and quantum superposition and their manifestation in the way of how consciousness affects the reality.

Prof. Johannes Heinrichs

Prof. Dr. Johannes Heinrichs (b. 1942 in Duisburg/Rhine) studied philosophy, theology, social sciences, and linguistics in Munich, Bochum, Bonn, Frankfurt/Main, Paris. His doctoral dissertation was the Hegel-Study Die Logik der Phänomenologie des Geistes (Bonn 1972) (The Logic of the Phenomenology of Spirit). His habilitation in philosophy was accomplished by the same book, and his first publications in social philosophy. (Frankfurt 1975). Since 1975, he taught as Jesuit junior professor philosophy at the Jesuit University of Frankfurt (St. Georgen). After leaving the Jesuit order for philosophical reasons, he taught occasionally at the universities of Bonn and Berlin (Humboldt University, where he succeeded to the former GDR-dissident Rudolf Bahro), but earned his life mainly as a writer, as the German Concordat hindered his university career. He published some 40 philosophical books and some 170 articles in journals and dictionaries. Recent summary of these books: ͞Integrale Philosophie, Academia Verlag, Sankt Augustin 2014. English edition: Integral Philosophy, Stuttgart- New York 2019 (ibidem – Columbia Univ. Press).

He developed a reflection theory which is a modern development of German idealism. By his systematic approach he opposes to the mere historicism of mainstream philosophers, also by the spiritual character of his philosophy. Instead of the so called language analysis, he has published 5 volumes on the general characteristics of human language, reconstructing language on the basis of sense-analysis. His book Revolution of Democracy is discussed by a growing public in Germany and foreign speaking countries. In this book, he declares a 4-level-parliamentarism (distinction of economics, politics in the proper sense, culture and ultimate value-system) as indispensable for the evolution of democracy, i.e. for a serious value-realisation in society. Here is the important, even decisive link between political and spiritual thinking.

Website: www.johannesheinrichs.de (list of publications); in the biography you find one folder with a couple of articles in English language.

Dr. Marco Bischof

Dr. Marco Bischof was born in Switzerland in 1947 and lives in Berlin, Germany. He has studied cultural anthropology, comparative religion, and psychology at Zurich University, has got a Ph.D. in Cultural Studies, and was from 2009 to 2011 lecturer and member of the scientific staff of the Institute for Transcultural Health Studies, European University Viadrina, Frankfurt (Oder), Germany. He is also a breathing therapist and a yoga and meditation teacher, has served as General Secretary and later President of the International Institute of Biophysics, Neuss, Germany, and is the director of the Institute for Future Science & Medicine, Berlin, Germany. He is also past president of the International Light Association (ILA, Brussels), a professional union of light and color therapists. He serves actually as councilor of the Society for Scientific Exploration (SSE) in the USA, the foremost society for research in the borderlands of science.
In the German-speaking world, he is a well-known science writer with many publications on biophysics, complementary medicine, frontier areas of science, the history and philosophy of science, and on comparative religion. He has also published a number of scientific papers on the history of science and on future perspectives in integrative medicine and biophysics. With his book „Biophotons“ (1995, 14th printing 2008), he has authored the most comprehensive account of biophoton research published in any language. His book “Tachyonen, Orgonenergie und Skalarwellen” (2002) may remain the standard work on the question of subtle fields for many years. His most recent book, “Salutogenese – auf dem Weg zur Gesundheit” (September 2010), is about a new understanding of health and the present transformation of our health system. Dr. Marco Bischof’s website is at www.marcobischof.com, he can be reached at mb@marcobischof.com.

Andreas Mascha

The Integral Yoga of Sri Aurobindo is at the centre of Andreas Mascha’s consciousness research. Together with the philosopher Maik Hosang, he founded the Homo Integralis Institute for Integral (Conscious) Being Research and the Future of Man more than 20 years ago.

In this field it works as author and publisher as well as dancer and management consultant. Since 2017 he has been building an intercultural health center, the World Life Center (WLC), in Bad Schandau. 

Dr. Thorsten Ludwig

In 2009 he co founded the Institute of applied consciousness research together with Dr. Marco Bischof and Marcus Schmieke and constructed and conducted experiments with Kozyrev resistor and torsion devices, pH measurements with Prof. Tiller and influences on random number generators. Since 2011 he works together with Prof. Ron Brian and Markus Fromm on the mental control of the electron experiment and builds an Magnesium ion trap.

Dr. Ludwig has a Dipl. Phys. in Physics from the Technical University of Berlin, (2001), and a Doctor of natural Science (Dr. rer. nat.) from the Technical University of Berlin, (2005), both with highest excellence.

Dr. Ludwig worked for Technical University of Berlin, (2001-2006) as a research scientist. He worked with Prof. von Oppen on Helium-Ion collisions and is very familiar with ion physics, high voltage, high frequency and vacuum techniques.

Since 2006 Dr. Ludwig works as an independent Consultant for new energy projects and was involved in project in Germany, Turkey, India, Qatar and Mexico. He measured energy efficiencies, designed and conducted research projects and helped in developing promising technologies.

Dr Ludwig worked from 2008 to 2010 as a project developer for the energy research centre of lower Saxony and for Prof. Beck from the institute for Electrical Power Engineering at the Technical University of Clausthal developing project in the field of new energy technologies.


Julene Siddique MA, MMus, CERT, CEO of Nada Brahma

Julene Siddique is a transdisciplinary scientist, artist and entrepreneur. She has both researched and worked extensively on the intersections between the Arts, Health, Education and Culture. She has also created the “Socio-systemic” framework which combines system sciences and social sciences to design innovations/prototypes which can bring about systems change. She specifically is currently utilising her ‘socio-systemic framework within the Global Health movement to bring about systems change in healthcare. As an artist-scientist Julene has extensively explored music and sound, and in particular the development of frequency therapy through music.

She is passionate about researching ‘music and health’ and systems change and how their integrations can play a role physical and spiritual healing, social change, consciousness and evolution.

Šárka Dominová

Šárka Dominová, who has been working in the field of organic food and eco products for 20 years, is the owner of the largest health food and herbs store in the Czech Republic. Šárka specializes in aromatherapy and publishes books on the use of essential oils of therapeutic quality in everyday life. She has been interested in the meaning of life and the possibilities of human consciousness since her youth.

Traveling around the world, Šárka has gained enormous experience and insight, which she now passes on, motivating and inspiring others to positive communication, personal courage and travel, which she believes is the best school of life. Meeting and collaborating with many sages and shamans has greatly influenced her path. However, a breakthrough in her life was the encounter with Colombian Indians and the Colombian society.

She has started to pose fundamental questions. How does the surrounding society affect us? How can life in a community suffering from long-term violence be harmful to a human being and where is de facto the limit of humanity? How can we influence the community by our thinking, speaking, behavior and acting? By always acting for the benefit of the community?

Šárka founded the Jaguar People Foundation to support Indians, while being close to them, getting to know them and learning from them. Her story comes to the crucial point, from which she brings an important message for understanding of how the ancient and modern civilizations can support each other.

She studies the life of the human being as a creator of the original story in the collective consciousness of society and culture. Her story deals with courage, experience and double integration action to help an ancient society develop and survive in the modern world, and second, to bring the old knowledge of the Spiritual Consciousness to present-day world. She acts as a translator between two worlds. Both worlds must continue their evolution and the synthesis of life with understanding consciousness. However, both worlds have an opportunity to learn from each other.

Kateřina Melenová

She was born into an artistic family and spent her childhood in a theater (Studio Ypsilon). The theater world enchanted her so much that she also joined her professional life with him. She graduated in Directing and Dramaturgy from the Faculty of Arts of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague with Prof. Jan Schmid in 1986. After graduation, she founded an independent theater ensemble STUDIO DELL ‘ARTE. In České Budějovice, she also began to devote herself to the realization of theatrical spaces – she realized the scene Theater Pod Čepicí, led the conversion of the national cultural monument SOLNICE into a cultural club and participated in the creation of the most modern cultural center in South Bohemia – BAZILIKA. She subsequently led the premises as a director until 2008. After leaving České Budějovice, she started working as an independent expert in the field of arts management and as a developer of development, operational and program studies. In 2008 – 2013 she was a member of the Council of Arts of the Minister of Culture of the Czech Republic. In addition, she worked in the preparatory team of the Pilsen city candidacy for the title of European Capital of Culture 2015. After successfully earning this degree, she worked as a regional program manager in this project. Here she also implemented one of the eight main program events of the Pilsen European Capital of Culture 2015 – the 9th BAROQUE WEEKLY festival.

After finishing the project in Pilsen, she gave up her successful career in culture and embarked on an unexpectable path. Many years of studying the work of C.G. Jung led her to the need to pursue the discovery and care of the soul. She uses ancient techniques of the action of fragrances on the psyche and created an original therapeutic method of aromatic art therapy. She founded the ARCHA VŮNÍ Gallery, which she runs in Prague. She embedded her lifelong enchantment in the Renaissance into the creation of the modern form of the Renaissance fragrance jewel POMANDER and her biggest life project – the rescue of the renowned OMLENIČKA CHATEAU in South Bohemia.

Stephan Drescher

I worked as a passionate teacher in German middle schools for 8 years. 

During this time I learned, that our current school system has a high lack of promoting an environment which supports each individual to develop its highest potential. The current school system is rather degrading the potential of children then increasing it. 

System errors within our education system create a vicious circle in which no single instance can be blamed to be guilty or responsible for the outcome of this system. This means that the system has to be transformed into a dynamic and sustainable system which fits better to the needs of our current society and mainly to the needs of our children as they are the society of our future. 

Since beginning of 2018 I am working for the foundation “Science 21” in Prague, Czech Republic. 

Our vision is to create a learning environment which fits to the dynamically changing needs of our modern society. We create a learning environment in which life long learning is possible and in which the individual potential is highly supported. Therefore we developed methods to “unblock” and raise the potential of individuals as well as the potential of collectives. 

When we learn to be responsible for ourselves in all areas of our life, we can start to be responsible for others and for the whole society. At this moment we will be able to cooperate on a high level and be responsible for our home, planet earth. 

Website: science21.cz 
Email: stephan.drescher@science21.cz 

Maurizio Rosettani

Maurizio Rosettani is an Italian designer, founder, and partner of HSIGN Srl, a company that has been working in interior design for about 40 years.  

In 2010 he decided to turn his 1978 degree thesis into a project: “Man-Space relationship, exploring the interactions and his results in terms of emotions, effects on health, but also the satisfaction of creative expression needs and Self-seeking: A fluid space”. 

In this way he founded an R&D Team “HighSign” within his company, composed by Architects, Engineers, Psychologists, Designers, Biologists, Experts in NPL, Energy Medicine, Information and Communication Technology, involving over the years also Universities and research centers1. 

Studies have therefore been carried out on classical and modern architecture, ancient builders, oriental traditions, Vastu, Feng-Shui, geomancy and geobiology, radionics, shape waves, quantum physics, trying to combine Mother Nature universal rules with which generates the shape and contents of things, with architecture and man consciousness. The mind and living space interactions were explored: space is the place where the mind is able to activate conditions to construct reality, but in addition to the intentions, it needs also to prepare a fertile “ground” to reach a reality creation. The inhabited environment must be an energy  “attractor” and also a “condenser” where the energy implosion charging, must be able to be fed in a fractal mode without facing any obstacles. 

To encourage HighSign project member’s creative interactions, a circular, collaborative working method has naturally been established, where each creative/informative contribution, any stimulus to brainstorming has been shared to increase the discussion and the awareness in each team member 

The research group motivation has ever been animating by awareness to take a part of concrete holistic system development and a methodology (with related tools), able to drive the individual’s life quality improvement, promoting the consciousness development. 

Dennis Johnson

Dennis Johnson, MA has an academic background in Tibetan and Buddhist Studies from the University of Vienna and has worked as librarian, translator and editor. Recently, he has pursued additional training in various mindfulness-based, psychosocial and psychotherapeutic interventions, in the context of which he also completed a clinical research internship at the Oxford Mindfulness Centre. Dennis main interests are within the interdisciplinary and applied fields of consciousness studies and transpersonal psychology and their potential to provide a new paradigm for individual, social and cultural transformation based on traditional knowledge as well as modern science. He is a board member of European Transpersonal Association, where he runs the EUROTAS Youth Council to support the next generation of transpersonal thinkers and practitioners.  


Regina U. Hess

Regina U. Hess, PhD., is a clinical psychologist from Germany, holding a joint doctorate in Transpersonal Transcultural Psychology from the USA and the UK. She is a deep-ecology-oriented integrative Gestalt and transpersonal psychotherapist, a researcher, and the founder/director of the “Ase World Forum – Ancient Wisdom Meets Modern Science”. Regina is a professor at several international educational institutesa frequent speaker at international conferences, author of various articles in international journals and co-editor of several books. She is on the Board of Directors of the European Transpersonal Association and the International Transpersonal Association, is co-founder of the International Transpersonal Research Network, and co-organizer of conferences. Regina is a member of the Swiss Medical Society for Psycholytic Therapy and is lead of the Amsterdam Office, NL, of the MIND European Foundation for Psychedelic Science. 


Pavel Efimov

Pavel Efimov – Doctor of Philosophy in the field of Psychology and Economics, assistant of the rector at the Institute of Biosensory Psychology, development direction head of the Institute in the regions of Russia and abroad. 

Major milestones of Pavel’s professional development: 

  • 2005 – graduated from St. Petersburg State Polytechnic University, majoring in “Technical Physics”. 
  • 2007–2009 – passed a professional education in psychology at the Institute of Biosensory Psychology. 
  • since 2007 – an assistant of the rector at the Institute of Biosensory Psychology. 
  • 2008 – took part as both the researcher and the participant in the registration of the record registered by the International Records and Achievements Agency (Moscow, Russia). The nomination was “The largest community of people, trained telekinesis skills in the shortest possible time”. 
  • 2009–2012 – was engaged in research activities on the issues of paraphenomenology, in particular telekinesis, under the guidance of prof. Gennadiy N. Dulnevparticipated in a number of scientific and practical conferences where he presented the results of the studies on material manifestations of the human psyche. 
  • 2011 – defended his thesis on economics and management at the St. Petersburg Polytechnic University.  
  • 2011 – took part in the international contest “The Future Leader of the World 2011”. 
  • 2012 – defended the PhD thesis on the topic: “Investigating the phenomenon of materiality of a person’s mental capabilities by the example of telekinesis” and received a PhD in physics and psychology. 
  • since 2012 – a development direction head of the Institute of Biosensory Psychology. 

Currently, one of the main Pavel’s activity is the promotion of the Institute of Biosensory Psychology in the regions of Russia and abroad. 


I have a goal of bringing The Social Wisdom Initiative and the Human Development Techniques to the Sustainability Development Goals Committees for individual nations, with an ultimate goal of gaining support from The Division for Sustainable Development Goals within the United Nations Global System 
I earned an undergraduate degree in Education, a master’s degree in Educational Administration, an educational specialist degree in Educational Leadership, and numerous certifications that led to roles as a teacher, principal, state-level trainer and developer and creator of a state level process of auditing a school system. 
After working in the field of education for twenty years, I felt called to train, speak, and heal in the areas of spirituality and the natural healing arts. This came after I became a Reiki Master in 2011 and learned to heal myself mentally, emotionally, and physically. My own healing journey led to my delivering thousands of healing sessions to others around the globe and consequently to developing my own unique, and profoundly effective, natural healing technique, the Human Development Healing Technique.I continue to use this method on myself and others, and have trained countless others to integrate this method into their own healing practices. 
I use a combination of my extensive healing experience, my inner wisdom, and my experience as an educational leader and trainer to bring healing into the individual realm as well as the corporate environment. I take s a practical and grounded approach, using a variation of my Human Development Healing Technique to transform inner-office communication and social interaction through my unique training aptly named, “Human Development.” 
You can learn more about my work at kellyschwegel.com. 

Daniel Dick MA

Daniel Dick has been working for different research institutions related to system science, consciousness research, anthropology and consultancy, as well as on two books, one on perspectives on consciousness research and the other on sexuality .

He studied Social and Cultural Anthropology in Vienna and in Zurich. His passion has been to understand life, humans and meaning of life. This quest leads him to explore religious consciousness, human relationships and holistic healing techniques as well as techniques of the exploration of consciousness, such as meditation and trance. Fields of interests to explore consciousness have been systems of thinking, ideology, religions and rituals, philosophy of science, phenomenology of experience and cybernetics.

He explored applied research and development projects for self-exploration software tools, impact assessment, pain perception and flickering light perception. He has been lecturer at the University of Vienna in Anthropology and Sociology. He holds the Young Scientist Bertalanffy Award of the European Meeting of Cybernetics and System Research 2016, has worked for several research institutions, such as the Bertalanffy Center for the Study of Systems Science, the European School of Governance and co-founded the independent Viennese Academy of Consciousness Research in 2015.

He is now in charge of the Existential Consciousness Research Institute by organizing, managing and doing research.

Viktoria Paar

Viktoria studied cultural and social anthropology at the University of Vienna, specializing in visual anthropology and documentaries. She is mainly engaged in sensory ethnography, ritual, affectivity and atmospheric research. 

In addition, she has had a multifaceted professional career, starting as a chemist in an environmental analysis laboratory, followed by studies in educational science and environmental education, and most recently as a film producer working on politically relevant readings and events. She is involved in civil society and political projects on a local level. She has practiced yoga since the age of 14 , training as a yoga teacher in 2015, and has taken Vipassana retreats.


Vsevolod Stepanov is a young ambitious student of life, who is searching for his life purpose through studying different religions, scientific subjects, traveling, interacting with people and experiencing life to its fullest. Currently his main interests are in eastern philosophies in particular Hinduism, nutrition and physical health, art and many other ways of expanding human consciousness.

He joined ECR to help a project that in his opinion explores the most crucial of ideas and through this grasp new insights.

Matyas Polnicky

Matyas Polnicky is the author of a ”Game for better life” that combines education, entertainment and a healthy lifestyle into a holistic form which resembles a collective social game focusing on adequate development of human potential, a new renaissance of man and consciousness.

He strives to teach individuals about ethical principles that are linked to pragmatic methods informing about how to experience, create and develop conscious life and share knowledge on it in harmonious relationship with one’s indentity, family, society,culture and unitary collective consciousness of nature.

He was the head of the field research of parapsychology in Prague and organizer of collective meditations with purpose of phenomenogolical description of effective forms of natural/acient human abilities and telepathy in a multilingual group, to then create an universal collective language and to use the information field as a tool for quick and non-causal learning.

In present time he is the main developer of the project The University of Human Possibilities, where he is combining movement, art, science and spirituality to an unique and free lifestyle creating possibility for a new revolution in alternative learning systems.

He is focused on international connection of creative people with the purpose of generating a collective power to integrate effective old ways of healthy life, combine individual techniques and modern scientific proofs to create a type of multidisciplinary synthesis on the way to free cooperation based on unprecedented friendship and unconditional love.

Institute for Applied Consciousness Research (IACR)

The Institute for Applied Consciousness Research (IACR) was founded in September 2008 as a research institute devoted to research on information fields, mind-matter interaction and non-local effects of human intention.



Nadace Science 21

The foundation Nadace Science 21 was founded by Karel Janeček mainly for the following purposes:

  • basic and applied research in the natural sciences, focusing on physics
  • basic research in the field of human physical and mental potential special mobility schemes, including freefall
  • association and support for outstanding personalities from the fields of scientists, educators, inventors, artists, athletes and other regardless of age, social situation and education and their further development
  • active searching and clustering of talented people of all ages, including so-called hidden talents and providing them with the support needed for their further development, including financial support and especially creating conditions to study different types of schools and educational institutions with parallel development of their physical and mental activity
  • support for individuals and groups of persons and their motivation for personal development, teamwork and versatile interdisciplinary cooperation


Homo Integralis

“There is only one way to heal the body of the world, and that is to be the body of the world.” (Mira Alfassa)

Humanity and with it the entire evolution are facing a transition to a new dimension. It is about the exploration and development of an integral (conscious) being. Personal experiences are just as important as interpersonal resonance and rational testability.

The institute’s headquarters are located at the LebensGut Pommritz in Germany. However, it lives and works virtually in all places where people come together in the sense of the development of a new, universal human being, where resonance arises in their being for this new integral tone, for this new self-consciousness of a responsible co-creativity in the flow of evolution, for this clearer and warmer inner flame of life, whose more intensive vibration elevates the human being “to the adventure of consciousness and joy” (Sri Aurobindo).

Mission of the Institute:

  •     Human Self Becoming through Integral (Consciousness) Development of Being
  •     Integration-oriented research with theoretical and experimental foundations
  •     Methods for the (conscious) unfolding of being
  •     Practical implementation in pilot projects and in the concrete living environment of the research team
  •     Alliance and networking with other experiments and research institutions
  •     Library for integral (conscious) being, publications and publication of the journal homo integralis



The focus of the Therapeium and the entire activity of our practices and therapists is on maintaining health, strengthening self-healing powers and the best possible care for acute and chronic illnesses. We not only treat the body and illness as symptoms, but we also see people – whether healthy or ill – holistically, i.e. as a complex unity of body, mind and soul. The combination of orthodox medicine with naturopathic treatments and their supplementation by alternative and complementary procedures is a matter of course for us. School medicine and complementary medicine are not opposites for us: they can and should complement each other.

The doctors and therapists working in the Therapeiums share a common mission statement. They combine the traditions of classical naturopathy with the new concept of cultural medicine: art and music as well as the culture of consciousness are included in healing processes. The Therapeium is therefore also an educational centre and offers cultural events.


The Laszlo Institute of New Paradigm Research

The principal objective of the Laszlo Institute of New Paradigm Research is to make a significant contribution to our understanding of the fundamental nature of the world and of consciousness in the world, and therewith to contribute to wellbeing in the world.The Institute pursues this objective through a program of research and education on the concepts, values and world views emerging at the forefront of science and society, and develops the application of the emerging paradigm to fields and issues of enduring human interest.

The Institute provides a home to leading-edge thinkers dedicated to research and development of the new paradigm through a variety of face-to-face as well as electronic communication-based programs and activities. It creates a network of cutting-edge researchers for the elaboration of the scientific and humanistic facets of the emerging paradigm, bringing together leading researchers for seminars and workshops, and publishing the results in print, as well as on television, on the Internet, and in the social media.




HighSign is a startup incubated bHSign LLC, an Italian company that is working for over 30 years in the field of architectural and interior design. 

Our research has developed technology solutions, products and serives to improving the quality of life of the individuals in the living spaces of the future. 

Our will is to give the creative expression back to the role of knowledge, awareness and personal evolution tool. 

T.R.U.E for kids – The Renaissance University of Europe

Our goal is to create a sustainable, flexible learning environment in which life long learning is possible and in which the individual and collective potential is highly supported. The learning environment is supposed to be embedded in an holistic environment to fit to the dynamically changing needs of our modern society and to the needs of our children, as they are the future of our society. 

This is the vision of “Performance city”, The Renaissance University of Europe, T.R.U.E. 

The basement of the learning environment is formed by three pillars. 

  1. An alternative, modern educational concept, fitting to the needs of a dynamically changing society and an altered state of information exchange.
  1. Well equipped learning environment for free, highly supported, individual learning (science labs, language labs, engineering workshops…)
  1. A cooperative platform for “experts” (teacher) from all parts of society. Likethis adultscan work together with children and children can work together with “experts”, both sides can learn from each other. 

The theoretical, pedagogical foundation is described by the 8 areas of potential development. 

Courage + Bravery 

Movement + Beauty 

Focus + brain hemispheres 

Balance + Emotional stability 

Responsibility + Independence 

Creativity + Flexibility 

Cooperation + Social skills 

Patience + Persistence 

To enhance the holistic individual potential, we work with methods deriving from these basic principles,  to “unblock” and raise the potential of individuals as well as the potential of collectives. 

Some of the methods being used are the following; gymnastics, flying with the plane, parachuting, balancing, intuitive music, flying with simulator,  various drawing techniques (working with both brain hemispheres), Czech pong… 

For more information visit: www.science21.cz 
contact: stephan.drescher@science21.cz 

Institute of Biosensory Psychology, St.Petersburg, Russia

The Institute operates in St. Petersburg since 1993. 

The Institute offers additional professional education in the field of applied psychology. Any person over 18 years old is welcome to learn how to develop his extrasensory skills, including increased sensitivity and perception as well as memory, attention, thinking, speech, feelings, and will. 

At seminars and courses people study how to develop their natural biosensory abilities. The term “biosensory” consists of two words: “bio” – life, and “sense” – feeling. Teachers of the Institute teach people to develop abilities that make them a living sentient being: perception, sensitivity, thinking. They implement this development in applied fields: extrasensory practices and healing, and help a person to use the acquired skills in his personal life, work and business. 

The Institute provides professional education for Russian and foreign specialists in the field of biosensory psychology and healing. 

The Institute organizes and administers scientific and practical conferences on issues of biosensory psychology, healing and energy-information exchange. During our conferences participants listen to the speeches of physicists, mathematicians, physicians, psychologists, chemists and healers who explore the human consciousness. 

The Institute participates in the legislative process on the establishment and improvement of the regulatory and legal framework governing the healing. 

In 2008, the Institute of Biosensory Psychology under the authorship of Vladimir Tonkov established the world record “The largest community of people, trained telekinesis skills (contactless movement of objects) in the shortest possible time”. It is registered in the “Russian Book of Records and Achievements”. 

This initiative has a very simple message: I am compassion

Objective: To shift humanity’s measurements of worth and value from external measures of wealth, status and power, to internal measures of valuing kindness, collaboration, compassion, self-love and wisdom.

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What is Social Wisdom? 

​Social Wisdomis a state of being that reflects an individual’s ability to operate with a tamed ego through a filter of compassion for self and others. Compassion is an internal feeling that arises when one cares about a person’s life and personal situation.  When one lives with compassion there is a desire to understand, forgive, help, and demonstrate kindness toward self and others, and desire to see all as happy and healthy. This compassion is driven by an understanding that each person’s set of human conditioningcreates unique needs and emotional behaviors that can negatively affect those around us, and our world as a whole. By exposing and learning to tame the needs of the ego, forgiving self and others for being humanly conditioned, and developing compassion for each individual’s humanly conditioned situation, we move into a space of operating from a place of self-love as opposed to seeking love, acceptance and a sense of self-worth from others. When we are each individually wise to what drives the personal needs and behaviors that play themselves out in all facets of social interaction, and heal negative needs and behaviors, humanity as a whole will operatesocially wise. 

The Social Wisdom Initiative is: 

  • An initiative designed to change individuals so as to change global humanity long-term 
  • A grassroots groundswell of compassionate people who will no longer tolerate societal systems that operate from greed, waste or self-serving practices 
  • An initiative that creates a foundation from which the 17 Sustainable Development Goals can be achieved 

​The Social Wisdom Initiative is Not: 

  • Driven by an expectation of changing global humanity on a short-term basis 
  • A top down initiative to change current systems within our societies 
  • An initiative trying to satisfy the 17 Sustainable Development Goals themselves 



Certainly you know about the power of thought, the power of well-meaning intention. Your consciousness is able to do much more than just thinkingfeelingdesiring. The intention of your consciousness might be able to move mountainsOf course we will not begin with mountains 

However, also a small positive thought can work miraclesSurelywe all experienced this. And apparently such a thought is in coherence and reciprocation with the intention and positive thoughts of others. 

The long-term research of the Princeton psychology professor Roger Nelson has shown that whenever a large number of people are intensely emotionally confronted with a global topic – be it the death of Lady Di, the tsunami in Indonesia or 9/11 – noise generators which were placed all over the world, detected a strong coherent structure; and suddenly the measured data deviated significantly from the statistical normal contribution. This inspired us to start the Global Earth Healing Project. 

The TimeWaver as a quantum physical interface into the information field is supposed to vibrate certain optimisation lists predefined by us together with as many TimeWaver users as possible to the information field with the aim to positively influence the field of humankind. The effect of this broadcast is distinctly mirrored in the behaviour of the 70 noise generators worldwide of the Global Consciousness Project. 


We consider the deviation of the GCP and the TimeWaver optimisation of the GEHP as a synchronicity according to C.G. Jung and Wolfgang Pauli i.e. they point to a common connotation. So it is not about finding a scientific proof for the effect of the GEHP, but to explore the synchronic concurrence of mental and physical events which encourage us to continue on this path.  

The initiators of this projects areMarcus Schmiekevisionary and developer of the TimeWaver systemsDr. med. Hendrik Treugut, private lecturer and 1st chairman of DGEIM and Thomas Baschab, mental coachauthor and international lecturer and teacher for consciousness-raising. 


Tattva Viveka

Tattva Viveka sees itself as a connecting link between science and spirituality. It publishes reports on modern scientific topics and philosophy and spirituality.


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