Consciousness beyond the Brain

Certificate Course organized by the ECR-Institute (Berlin) and hosted by the Dev Sanskriti University (Haridvar)

This webinar will discuss existential questions of consciousness that arise when one allows for the possibility that consciousness exists beyond matter and the brain. What scientific evidence is there for this and what is the significance of these findings for human life? The lectures will take place mainly on Thursday afternoon 5pm to 6.30 pm CET. Successful participants will be awarded a certificate by the Dev Sanskrity University, Haridwar (India)

Online-Seminar in 1 Webinars
3 months
Fridays: 2.00 -3.30 PM CEST

Seminar Facilitator: Marcus Schmieke

Marcus Schmieke

Adjunct Professor DSVV India,
ECR-Institute, Head of Scientific Research

Dr. Chinmay Pandya

Pro Vice Chancellor DSVV, Haridvar, India

Prof. Dr. Dr. Harald Walach

University of Witten-Herdecke, Department Psychology

Prof. Dr. Jan Rak

Jyvaskyla University Finland, Nuclear Physics, Cern Switzerland

Prof. Dr. Johannes Heinrichs

Professor for Philosophy and Social Ecology (ret.); ECR-Institute

Prof. Dr. Paavo Pylkkänen

University of Helsinki, Finland, Department of Philosophy

Prof. Dr. Mathias Schüz

ZHAW School of Management and Law; Professor for Responsible Leadership; PhD in philosophical consequences of modern physics


Lectures will be always from 2.00 – 3.30 pm CEST on each of these Fridays.

 9.11                Prof. Dr. Bill Barnard, Peak experiences (spiritual experiences)                  

16.11               Marcus Schmieke, Quantum-physics and Consciousness               

  1. 11 Prof. Dr. Harald Walach, Extra sensual perception and nonlocality

30.11               Dr. Pim van Lommel, Near Death Experiences I Interview                                         

6.12                 Prof. Dr. Bill Barnard, Altered states of consciousness   (Wednesday) 

14.12               Prof. Dr. Mathias Schüz, Near Death Experiences II                                         

21.12               Prof. Dr. Johannes Heinrichs, The Permanent Wonder of Infinity/Universality by Self-centeredness

4.1                   Sacinandana Swami; Consciousness and Meditation                             

18.1                 Alberto Garoli, Reincarnation   

25.1                 Marcus Schmieke, Consciousness beyond matter                             

Fee for all 10 Courses

incl. learning materials, tests, videos, certificate

1: …,- Euro for Professionals
2: …,- Euro for Students outside India
3: …,- Euro for Indian Students from Indian Universities
4: …,- Euro ECR Associates and DSVV Associates from Indian Universities
5: Free for DSVV Students  
6: Free for DSVV Staff and for ECR Staff

All students are required to upload their current university enrollment certificate as a scan or picture, in order to proced to the registration. The documents will be checked for validity. If we find discrepencies, we are obliged to charge the full amount of 240,- Euro gross.

If you have problems with the purchase or the registration please contact:

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