Galileo Commission Report: Beyond a materialist Worldview - Towards an Expanded Science

Existential Consciousness Research Institute

The Institute for Existential Consciousness Research unites and connects scientists, researchers, thinkers, authors and pioneers from different disciplines. Questions around the research and development of consciousness are not only theoretical but focus concretely on the human being and being human in a constantly changing world. We are convinced that the social and ecological challenges of our time require new perspectives and solutions, which begin with a new way of creating consciousness for oneself and the world.

As an independent institute, we offer a platform for information and exchange for experts and the public. The dialogue between the various fields of the natural sciences, humanities and social sciences, as well as art and culture, creates opportunities for expanded scientific thinking. We act without prejudices, multi-perspectively and transculturally. Our focus is always on a holistic understanding of human existence.

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Intercultural integration of art, science and spirituality for understanding, supporting and accelerating a global transformation of consciousness.

“Our focus is on the physical quantum observation process, the spontaneous psychic experience and the dynamic interplay of global coherent nonlocal neurobiological quantum fields, which reaches as extended quantum presence to some extent from the past and to the future, as well as from spirit and to matter and thus directly to the here and now as a fundamental mystery of human life form.”

― Marcus Schmieke 2018


The exploration of the (existential) consciousness with all its facets helps us to answer the question: “How can we as human beings live a conscious life?” Against the background of current crises and technological developments around artificial intelligence, this question seems more topical than ever. Individual, political, social, and life-world change processes call for more awareness and new abilities of awareness. With the Institute for Existential Consciousness Research we would like to contribute to this. The combination of science, art, physical activity and the mystic can lead to a new understanding of an integral consciousness that unites body, mind and soul and enables us humans to have a new consciousness of our existence.

In this sense, pioneering work is needed to lead consciousness research into a new future. According to current knowledge, quantum physics must be placed in relation to consciousness. If due to the quantum entanglement the observer influences an experiment with his thoughts, if consciousness has a direct effect on matter – what consequences can be drawn from this for our daily experiences? So-called parasciences make a particularly valuable contribution here, because they offer new clues for the interaction of body and mind.

Through the cross-linking of research projects and the interdisciplinary exchange within the framework of think tanks, symposia and congresses, we would like to create new learning and experience spaces, leave old paradigms behind us and place individual insights in a holistic overall view. In addition, we want to inspire a public discourse to increase sensitivity to the phenomenon of ” consciousness ” in society, politics and economy. This is the only way to create “public consciousness” as a starting point for change. By developing educational programmes in cooperation with other institutions, we can finally build a bridge to integrate the knowledge gained in a sustainable way.

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