Intercultural integration of art, science and spirituality for understanding, supporting and accelerating a global transformation of consciousness.

History of ECR

27. February 2021


On 27.2.2021 the Worlds of Consciousness Online-Conference 2021 took place. Marcus Schmieke and and other speakers like Dr. Maika Steinborn, David Lorimer and Eddie Stern explained their perspectives about Consciousness, Information Fields, Science and Spirituality.

Theoretical contributions, insights and experiences based on personal experiences, and practical exercise went hand in hand.The event was interesting and inspiring till the end.Christian Halper showed how positive thinking and acting can contribute to the best realization of oneself. Sacinandana Swami, based on his personal meditation experience, explained how body and mind are calmed before starting getting into deeper meditation. Eddie Stern defined Prana and explained the interaction of sensory activity, patterns, identification processes, and how reality would result from this interaction. Eddie Stern finished with a practical breathing exercise. The event was rounded off by a closing session, which agreed on vision and realization of a Homo Universalis in an expanding coherent field. The free event was split into two independent events for the different international time zones, so that people from all over the world could be inspired by the presentations and gain new insights. For those who did not have time on 2/27/2021 or would like to review the events, here are the links to our ECR Youtube channel:

Part 1:
Part 2:

21. December 2020


Online Global Consciousness Day on Dec. 21, 2020 participate with your wishes, blessings, love and prayers for the wellbeing of mother earth, for the rise of the collective consciousness of humanity, for coherence, peace and unity.

Through the initiative of ECR founder Marcus Schmieke and in cooperation with ConScience, GEHP and the Dev Sanskriti University, Haridvar, India, the Institute for Existential Consciousness Research – ECR would like to cordially invite you.People from over 50 countries from our large networks will also be invited to join in this global meditation on the winter solstice to send their best intentions and a positive impulses.

Both events will start with an introduction about the scientific and spiritual background of consciousness, presented by Marcus Schmieke and other renowned scientists and spiritual teachers, followed first by a guided and then a collective meditation. Join in at your individual time zone area on one of the events. We are looking forward to your participation and sincere consciousness on this special day for the support of this earth that we are part of.
You can find further information at:

This free-of-charge event will be held in English at two different starting times: one for Asia (India, China, Japan and Australia), and one for Europe and the USA.

9. September 2019

5th Symposium on the 9th of Sep. Bad Nauheim - Exhibition of Fellows

08:00-09:00: Setting up the exhibition room
09:00- 10:00: 1st Slot


  • Katerina Melenova/ Matya Polnicky o
    • Reborn Renaissance Castle Project and Humanism 2.0
    • Expo for New Reality
  • Andreas Mascha
    • Institution: Integral Consciousness/ World Life Center
    • Building holistic and integral healing center
  • Mauricio Rossetani/ Lorenzo Rossenttani / Roberto Di Giacomo o Institution: Highsign
    • Be the architect of your life

10:00-11:00: Slot 2

  • Marco Bischof and Thorsten Ludwig/ Brenda Dunne/ Roger Nelson
    • Institution: IACR Research on Mind-Matter-Interaction
  • Julene Siddique
  • Martin Wittmann and Marcus Schmieke

11:00-12:30: Spezialbeitrag: Diskussion über Reinkarnation mit Chris Bache und Ervin Lazlo


12:30-14:00: Mittagessen

14:00 – 15:00: Slot 3

  • Stephan/ Blanka Drescher
    • Institution: T.R.U.E. The Renaissance University Europe for Kids
    • New schools and new kindergardens
  • Kelly Schwegel
  • Ervin Lazlo/ Julene Siddique/ Jean-Pierre Gerbaulet
  • Ricardo Illy
    • The importance for a new Health Care System

15:30 – 16:50: Slot 4


17:30- 19:00: lunch

19:00- open end: Conclusion

  • Daniel Dick
    • Concluding words



Find the project descriptions and presentation topics here:

Find the biographies and partner institutions here:


8. September 2019

Congress of Consciousness Research: Worlds of Consciousness 2019 - Spiritual Experience, Cosmology and Science

The second “Worlds of Conscousness” congress will take place again in the beautiful city of Bad Nauheim, in the Dolce Hotel.  Our chosen topic is “Spiritual Experience and Science”. We are about to invite speakers and will keep you updated. Take note of the date!


09:00-09:30 am
Introduction to the Worlds of Consciousness 2019 and the Existential Consciousness Institute

09:30-10:00 am
Emotions and Resonance in Science and Spirituality

10:00-11:00 am
Global Consciousness – A Cosmology of Connection

11:00-11:30 am
11:30-12:30 pm
Mapping of the Transcendent – Science of Psychedelics

12:30-01:00 pm
Becoming holistic in spirituality and science

01:00-02:30 pm
lunch break

02:30-03:00 pm
Why does Quantum Physics change Reality?
Speaker: PROF. DR. JAN RAK

03:00-04:00 pm
Consciousness and Intention – The Operator in Science in PEAR Lab Research

04:00-04:30 pm
coffee break

04:30-05:30 pm
Science and Spiritual Experience

05:30-06:15 pm
Sexuality, Spirituality and Altered States of Consciousness

06:15 pm
*Subject to change.


12. March 2019

4th Symposium of ECR - Quantum Physics and Consciousness

The 4th Symposium of Existential Consciousness Research deals with the connection between quantum physics and consciousness. We invite experts from the fields of consciousness research, cognitive science, neurology, quantum physics, theoretical physics and parascience to enter dialogue with the following questions and areas in order to approach to the mystery of consciousness.

Among many others Deepak Chopra and Menas C. Kafatos wrote in an article: From Quantum Mechanics to Qualia Mechanicsi, that phenomena operate in the quantum world as well as consciousness and that complementarity, recursion and process or interactivity can be counted among the analogously characteristics of consciousness. At what level are such analogies tenable? Based on analogies, Ludwig v. Bertalanffyii investigated the distinction to homologies to find laws of living systems. The relation of system sciences to consciousness or quantum physics was suggested at that time by the holism, but not in connection with today’s knowledge. Görnitziii postulates the thesis of the fact of a so-called protyposis, a pre-given and meaningless source of information, whose formations can become quantum physical photons, material particles and meaningful consciousness. Marco Bischofiv has been working for years on an extension of field theories based on vacuum research, quantum phenomena and forms of energy. The principle of complementarity in a Generalized Quantum Theoryv was proposed by Harald Atmaspacher, Römer and Harald Walach, among others, and was deepened by Thilo Hinterbergervi, while Walter v. Lucadou and Harald Walachvii discussed homeopathy and paranormal phenomena with GQT in a fundamentally new way. All these areas lead to open questions:

On what empirical basis are further theses of quantum physical processes to be assumed for our perceptible reality? Is research into microtubules the solutionviii? Is the approximation of empiricism by other models more accessible, such as the Integration Information Theoryix or the neural networks? How can the size differences be coupled (general systems theory or synergetics) to connect a quantum physical level to an experience level? On which experiments can we build?

Participation of guests only by invitation or by initiative and confirmation.


09:00 Prof. Harald Walach: General Quantum Theory and phenomenal reality
10:30 Prof. Peter Mulacz: New thinking vs old thinking – Quantum inflation and illusions in Parapsychology
13:00 Lunch
14:00 Marcus Schmieke: Information, energy and consciousness
15:30 Prof. Hartmut Schröder: Information and exformation
with a contribution by Andreas Mascha: Exformation, depth of information and consciousness
17:00 Final discussion round of the day
18:00 End
20:00 Dinner

09:00 Dr. Walter v. Lucadou: Causality and entanglement in parapsychology and humanities
10:30 Dr. Marco Bischof: Quantum phenomena in biology
13:00 Lunch
14:30 Daniel Dick: Input and moderation for the final discussion
16:00 End


1 Further information on past events can be found at .

i Chopra, D., & Kafatos, M. C. (2016). From Quantum Mechanics to Qualia Mechanics. In Consciousness – Integrating Eastern and Western Perspectives (1st ed.). New Delhi: New Age Books.

ii Bertalanffy, L. von. (1969). General system theory : foundations, development, applications (Revised ed). George Braziller.

iii Görnitz, T., & Görnitz, B. (2016). Von der Quantenphysik zum Bewusstsein. Berlin, Heidelberg: Springer Berlin Heidelberg.

iv Bischof, M. (2005). Biophotonen : das Licht in unseren Zellen. Zweitausendeins.

Bischof, M. (2002). Tachyonen, Orgonenergie, Skalarwellen : feinstoffliche Felder zwischen Mythos und Wissenschaft. AT-Verl.

The research results of the combination of vacuum research, field theories and quantum physics have not yet been published.

v Atmanspacher H, Römer H, Walach H (2002) Weak quantum theory: complementarity and entanglement in physics and beyond. Found Phys 32(3):379–406

vi Hinterberger, T., & von Stillfried, N. (2013). The Concept of Complementarity and its Role in Quantum Entanglement and Generalized Entanglement. Axiomathes, 23(3), 443–459.

vii Walach, H., Von Lucadou, W., & Römer, H. (2014). Parapsychological phenomena as examples of generalized nonlocal correlations-a theoretical framework. Journal of Scientific Exploration, 28(4), 605–631.

viii Hagan, S., Hameroff, S.R., and Tuszynski, J.A., 2002, “Quantum computation in brain microtubules: Decoherence and biological feasibility,” Physical Review E, 65: 061901-1 to –

Hameroff, S.R., and Penrose, R., 1996, “Conscious events as orchestrated spacetime selections,” Journal of Consciousness Studies, 3(1): 36–53.

ix Tononi, G., & Koch, C. (2015). Consciousness: here, there and everywhere? Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences, 370(1668), 20140167–20140167.

22. November 2018

3nd Symposium of the Existential Consciousness Research Institute

On 22 and 23 November 2018, scientists from the fields of quantum physics, medicine, philosophy and education met at Schloss Kränzlin to exchange information, reflections and projects for the future within the framework of the Existential Consciousness Research Institute. In the meeting, a driving question was to agree what knowledge and statements is secured with respect to a fundamental theory of consciousness. In the respective lectures, it became clear how the complexity of the multiple questions about consciousness can be represented.

How do mind and matter on the one hand and the conscious and the unconscious on the other hand relate in the space-time continuum, how can events be explained in a logical sequence? Is there a meaningful order for synchronous events? Which dimensions can explain which areas of consciousness explain?

Prof. Johannes Heinrichs pointed out in his lecture: The sense elements of human self-consciousness as a structure of different opposites to the philosophical need to speak about consciousness in the logic of self-reflection.

Daniel Dick elaborated the Archimedean points of view of different models of consciousness and the possibility of a multi-and a-perspective dimension of the process of consciousness.

Robert Polnicky formulated the principles of his developed “Dynamic Paradigm”, whose radical position of the here and now is examined for all levels of meaning and its meaningfully coordination.

Stefan Dreschler presented a concept for a new education based on a new paradigm, in which children are enabled to face challenges individually to learn freedom, responsibility and friendship through project tasks.

Marcus Schmieke explained the double complementarity of matter and spirit, as well as of the unconscious and the conscious in connection with different depths of reflection and conditional areas of consciousness.

Prof. Jan Rak presented the connection between relational gravitation theory, the theory of relativity and the quantum physical conditions of the explanations and under what assumptions which theories are meaningful.

In an effort to develop existing concepts, the relevance of many different dimensions of human experience should be tested with one’s own and other concepts without prejudice, and be attentive to dynamic new developments.

The willingness to leave the previous comfort zone in order to define appropriate values, goals and social consent with regard to a global transformation process was made clear by various reflection rounds of the symposium. In the field between the experience of “objective reality” and “lived reflection” many questions remain. The effort to answer these questions is a central concern of the Institute and its dedicated staff.


22 November 2018, Thursday:
10:00-10:30 Introduction to the Symposium and Website Presentation
10:30-12:00 Johannes Heinrichs: The sense-elements of human self-consciousness as a structure of different opposites
Reflection: Daniel Dick
12:00-13:30 Daniel Dick: Multi-perspective phenomenology for Existential Consciousness Research in relation to Orthogonal Complementarity
Reflection: Johannes Heinrichs
13:30-14:30 Lunch
14:30-16:30: Robert Polnicky: Dynamic Paradigm
Reflection: Marcus Schmieke
16:30-18:00 Stefan Dreschler: Visions of a New School and University
18:00-18:30 Summary
18:30 Dinner

November 23rd, 2018, Friday:
10:00- 11:30 Marcus Schmieke: Self-Conscienciouness and Orthogonal Complementarity
Reflection: Jan Rak
11:30- 13:00 Jan Rak: Physics of Consciousness and Tesla’s Legacy
Reflection: Robert Polnicky
13:00- 14:00 Lunch

04.June 2018

2nd Symposium of the Existential Consciousness Research Institute

The second symposium took place one day after the congress Worlds of Consciousness. Christopher Bache gave a workshop on his last publications in evening before. Professor Edmund Weber presented a Christian perspective on consciousness and Robert Polnicky introduced his Dynamic Paradigm. Many open spaces allowed to get in dialogues and open conversations with this amazing group of people, some made new friends.

In the end of the day, information on inspiring literature and insights have been exchange as well as future projects envisioned. A very special coming together.

Participants: Prof. Dr. Christopher Bache, Dr. Marco Bischof, Rachel Bongartz, Johannes G. Eisenburger, Daniel Dick, Christian Halper, Prof. Dr. Johannes Heinrichs, Dennis Johnson, Dr. Manfred Kubny, Lina Launhardt, Dr. Willem Pim van Lommel, Patricia Lüning-Klemm, Prof. Dr. Martin Mittwede, Prof. Peter Mulacz, Brent Nichols, Dr. Robert Polnicky, Bree, Prof. Dr. Jan Rak, Sacinandana Swami, Marcus Schmieke, Priv. Doz. Dr. Elmar Schübl, Prof. Dr. Hartmut Schröder, Julene Siddique, Prof. Dr. theol. Edmund Weber, Stephanie Weber, Prof. Dr. Changlin Zhang, and some more spontanous guests.


09.00am – 09.30am Ideas, vision, current structure and future network of consciousness collaboration
09.30am – 11.45pm Presentation of oneself a 5 min.
11.45am – 12.30pm Prof. Dr. Edmund Weber “Existieren im Widerspruch in der Perspektive von Martin Luthers mehrwertiger Theo-Logik“ and 15min. discussion
12.30pm – 02.00pm Lunch
02.00pm – 02.45pm Dr. Robert Polnicky „Consciousness within the dynamic paradigm“ and 15min. discussion
02:45pm – 03:30pm Wishes, dreams, circles, resources – part 1
03:30pm – 04:00pm Break
04.00pm – 06.00pm Wishes, dreams, circles, resources – part 2 and conclusio

03.June 2018

Congress "Worlds of Consciousness" (Cooperative Event)

To approach the frontiers of consciousness research, Marcus Schmieke, Physicist and author of more than 20 books on consciousness, science, information fields and Vedic knowledge invited various scientific disciplines to a Congress Conference Center Bad Nauheim. It was a cooperative event with the TimeWaverWorld Congress one day before. About 700 participants from 26 countries took part in the event: » Exploring the frontiers of Consciousness«.

Christian Halper and Marcus Schmieke introduced the institute of existential consciousness research and its vision. Pim van Lommel, cardiologist showed various evidences on out-of-body-experiences, Johannes Heinrichs explained his continuity on reflexive-philosophical development leading to Psychological Philosophy, Hartmut Schröder explained how culture is an extension of the consciousness for health, and Jan Rak as a physicist showed the interconnection between Energy, Light, Gravitation, Matter and Consciousness from a quantum perspective. Prof Martin Mittwede presented the structure of religious experience, while Prof. Christopher Bache gave a talk on his past publications and an account on after-life-memories of children and Sacinanda Swami told the audience his personal out-of body- experience. Each presentation has been recorded and can be found in our Explore-section.



Event schedule

09:00 AM

09:15 AM
Culture as an Expansion of Consciousness

09:45 AM
The Power of a New Science
Speaker: PROF. DR. JAN RAK

10:15 AM
Morning break

10:45 AM
Out of Body Experiences and Spiritual Conclusions

11:15 AM
Infinite Consciousness – Scientific evidence for Near Death Experiences

12:00 PM
The Evidence for Reincarnation

12:45 PM
Lunch break

02:15 PM
Intercultural Structure of Spiritual Experience

02:45 PM
Diamonds from Heaven: A 20 year psychedelic journey into the mind of the universe

03:30 PM
Afternoon break

04:00 PM
Questions of Philosophical Psychology (Consciousness Research) for Natural Sciences

04:30 PM
Gayatri Consciousness

04:45 PM
Vision of the Institute for existential consciousness research

05:15 PM
Evening break and official end of the conference

18.April 2018

1st Symposium of the Existential Consciousness Research Institute

The first symposium of the Existential Consciousness Research Institute took place in Castle Kränzlin. All participants were involved in the creation of the common vision paralleled by presentation. In various rounds of individual and collective wishes, projects and roles could be distillated in an unifying phrase as a common ground for a visionary future: The Vision and Mission is the intercultural integration of art, science and spirituality to understand, support and accelerate a global consciousness transformation.͟

Prof. Hartmut Schröder and Dr. Engelbert Kronthaler shared their knowledge on consciousness research in presentations and following discussions. The mathematics of qualities of Engebert Kronthaler lead to deepening the work of Gotthard Günther ́s multi-valued logic. The cultural health approach of Hartmut Schröder paved the way for new insights on the nature of consciousness and its cultural aspects of care and development.

Participants: Dr. Marco Bischof, Dai Zhikang, Daniel Dick, Johannes G. Eisenburger, Christian Halper, Shu Min Lin, Prof. Dr. Martin Mittwede, Dr. Engelbert Kronthaler, Lina Launhardt, Patricia Lüning-Klemm, Prof. Dr. Jan Rak, Marcus Schmieke, Prof. Dr. Hartmut Schröder, Swami Sacinandana

April 18th
9.30 – 10.00 Arrival and coffee
10.00 – 11.00 Presentation Vision and Institute by Marcus Schmieke, Daniel Dick and Lina Launhardt
11.00 – 11.30 Lecture: Consciousness and Culture by Prof. Hartmut Schröder
11.30 – 13.00 Brief presentations of the participants a 10 min
13.00 – 15.00 Lunch and chat room
15.00 – 19.00 Creative development process for the content and form of the institute in a discussion group
19.00 Open End and dinner

April 19th
09.00-12.30 Informal exchange with coffee
12.30 – 14.00 Lunch
14.00 – 15.00 Lecture: Consciousness and multivalent logic by Dr. Engelbert Kronthaler
15.00 – 17.00 Interdisciplinary exchange based on this approach
Open End

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