The Symposium of Quantum Physics and Consciousness was a great Success

The symposium with the topic quantum physics and consciousness was a complete success. All contributors took up the challenge to reconcile these two complex areas of consciousness research. Among others, parapsychology, represented by Prof. Peter Mulacz and Dr. Walter von Lucadou, played an important role. Prof. Harald Walach started the first day with general quantum theory. Marcus Schmieke summarized the findings about the added value of the reflections of the last year, which can be read here. Prof. Hartmut Schröder, together with Andreas Mascha, was able to present the complementary relationships between information and exformation, and Dr. Marco Bischof provided insights into quantum and coherence phenomena in biology, based among other things on his research with biophotons. Thanks to Hans-Werner Quast, we were able to record all this and even conduct a few exclusive interviews with the contributors and other prominent guests from the field of consciousness research. Links to the lectures and interviews can be found here:

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