Šárka Dominová and the Kogis


would like to present my experience that I gained while working with the indigenous Indian tribes in South America, as well as their teachings and the proposal for selfchange they pass on to us. 

The indigenous Indianin the Sierra Nevadin Colombiturn directlypeople’s heartsThey are able to address the being hidden somewhere deep inside us. The being who is inside us waiting for words that will resound with him or her to make him or her connected with us and recall everything that we may have forgotten about in our heads and hearts a long time ago, because of all the useless junk around and inside usAbout the system of values of ours as human beingsIn the indigenous Indian communities you can still find people who have not forgotten who they are and what their mission and role in this world isThey are still tightly connected with the natural world. 

The way of life of the indigenous people is different and inspiring to such an extent that it may be the key to the understanding of the basic principles of the real life for us, the “people from the civilized world”, which would bring about a much needed change in our society.   

Their message is unequivocal“Do not try to change your environmenton the contrarystart with yourselves, with compassion with nature and the people around you. Turn around and have a look at what you have left behind yourselves, not only materially but also in terms of thinking. 

The climatic changes affect all of usIt is time we united forces and thought about how we should act to make our existence to the benefit of the whole mankind, our environment, the countryside and the wildlifeTo pay less attention to purely personal interests and instead, to focus on what the community and everybody can profit from.  

Each of us is a unique being with his or her own personal story. At the same time, we are all mutually connected with one anotherBeing aware of this fact in every moment may be the key to the dawn of a new humanity, which will inevitably arriveThe mankind is situateat a critical pointwhich is, paradoxically, also highly positive fact because borderline situations are exactly what brings us farther aheadWhat matters is personal courage and responsibility for every act and every idea of oursThis should result in living in peace with the world around us and, mainly with ourselves and being aware of it. 

We will reach this state of mind if we open our hearts to ourselves and to the worldWhat we yearn for most is, at the same time, the thing we are afraid of most. Opening ourselves to a “higher reality“, a higher emotional freedom and a higher spiritual awareness appears both frightening and desirable to us. This fear of “opening oneself to the loving and positive reality” is based on a number of various reasons but in most cases it results from the upbringing in one’s childhood and from being frightened by mainstream media 

The way means creating a new archetype of a modern, yet compassionatehonest and positively thinking personA person who creates his or her life by becoming aware of and correcting every act and idea of yoursA person who accepts reality as it is, and is peace-loving and humbleA person who accepts himself or herself as the highest possible manifestation of humanity, which almost disappeared in the course of the centuries of wars and struggle for survivalThe indigenous peoples of South America remind us to remember that everything is interlinked, and that if we hurt nature and other living beings, it is the same as if we hurt ourselves. 

Living consciously in the present moment and connected with the community all the timethey regard Mother Earth as an integral part of themselvesliterally as their own bodiesThey plead with us to remember that. 

In the past, ritual initiations were conducted even here, in our civilisation and in the cultures of our ancestorsThey are known especially from druids and Egyptian temples. 

Present-day “initiations” take place in everyday lifeWe have no more templesOur “supervisors” are people around us who provide us, by means of their own behaviour and acting, with opportunities to improve ourselves and to process situations by integrating our feelings that emerge in us in both pleasant and unpleasant situationsLearning to perceive what we are feeling at a particular momentThese situations are actually a sort of everyday “training temple”, which is in reality our bodyIt does not mean putting up with other peoples or our own evil behaviourThe matter is the stance that we take on particular situation and the way we integrate this knowledge in our lives. 

We can either process our feelings and “integrate them into the system”, or fight against themHowever, every fight or war finally ends with an agreement or a total defeatIt is wiser to choose an agreement with oneself and, having been taught a lesson by this situation with acceptance and humilityconsciously leave the problem in peace. 

An inseparable part of this procesof self-change is also the process of Non-ConsumptionWe should do our best to use the things that we have and that still work, as long as possibleThis does not mean not buying new things at all but buying only what we really need. 

It is essential that courageous individuals, already equipped with sufficient knowledge and capable of positive communication, should encourage others to this self-awareness and persistent work on themselvesThey should also lead by example and help others reach the goal, which is a happy and contented life all of us long forA happlife in this countrywhere water is cleanthe food is of qualitythe air is fresh and the people’s hearts are open. 

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