Professor Hartmut Schröder – Culture as an Extension of Conciousness


Professor Hartmut Schröder presents his lecture on worlds of consciousness from the cultural as well as from the linguistic side. He relates to the statement of C.G. Jung: “ all culture is an extention of consciousness.“ However, without consciousness we are unable to relect on this consciousness. Consciousness and language depend on one another, just as language and culture do.

In its essence, can consiousness be observed , described, or even grasped? Professor Schröder further pursues this question: To what extent do technological developments change consciousness? And what are the possible effects with regard self-efficacy? According to American computer scientist David Gelernter, it is, “only a matter of time before artificial intelligence reshapes our consiousness.“ Instead of widening and enlarging consciousness through constant evolutionary process there might be just conditioning and imprinting consciousness. Professor Schröders lecture deals with fundamental questions in the field of consciousness.

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