Prof. Peter Mulacz: New Thinking vs Old Thinking- Quantum Inflations und Illusion in Parapsychology

Prof. Peter Mulacz combines parapsychology and quantum physics in his lecture “Neues Denken im Vergleich zum Alten Denken”. Old thinking is classified in the tradition of Aristotle and classical physics, new thinking in quantum physics. The world today can be seen as a whole through this complementarity. At the same time, Mulacz describes that quantum physics cannot really be understood according to the classical way of thinking, because it is described with the “proposition of the forbidden contradiction”, an “either” “or”, but not simultaneously. The logic of causality of cause and effect is located with the philosophical term of intuition. From this philosophical model, Mulacz shows some parapsychological examples that have an counterintuitive component, which he also calls objective chance, or “the sudden happens by itself”.
Quantum physics, according to Mulacz, is a contradiction of nature in ancient thought, which is described by wave-particle dualism. In New Thinking, wave and particle can be represented as highly complementary concepts. Consciousness and unconsciousness stand in a complementary relation to each other, whereby they are mutually exclusive components. Mulacz concludes from many examples of opposing phenomena that there is an empirical dualism or a reductionist worldview that does not do justice to universal reality. It is precisely this dualism, however, that is looked at more closely in parapsychology, where the psychic has an effect on the physical and is familiar under the term “dual aspects” (two things running in parallel or one with two different aspects). According to this definition, Mulacz gives examples of near-death experience, out-of-body experience, and telepathy and links these phenomena to a theory of entangled correlation. From the point of view of entanglement, in new thinking, parapsychological phenomena can now be viewed differently.

The video is only in German available. If you can translate it and want to support us, we are able to implement english subtitles.

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