Prof. Dr. Christopher Bache – Diamonds from Heaven

In his lecture on the occasion of the congress “Exploring the Limits of Consciousness” on June 3, 2018 in Bad Nauheim, the religious scholar Prof. Dr. Christopher Bache presents the documentation of his more than 73 out-of-body experiences. Over a period of 20 years, numerous different layers of consciousness and different dimensions of the universe opened up for him under the consumption of high-dose LSD. In his book “Diamonds from Heavens”, which is expected to be published in 2019, he outlines his experiences in a strictly structured way:

After an experience that exceeds routine awareness, he records it in detail and compares it with other psychedelic research results in a most critical review. Next year his book “Diamonds from Heavens” will be published with a preface by Erwin Laszlo.

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