New Reality Expo von Katarina Melenova und Mathias Polnicky


Trying to see a holistic picture of the world led us to the idea of ​​an exhibition. In the mid-19th century at the World Exhibition in London in 1851, the world of new industry, inventions, exciting discoveries emerged in full force. For the first time, it brought together nations from all over the world that shared the best they could. Sadly, it was these inventions and discoveries that led them to two devastating world wars and to the threshold of the destruction of the planet. Perhaps this hell led us to the moment, we must choose the future. What would such an exhibition show today?  

New ideas are always manifested by taking on new forms. The first impulses are always presented by art and architecture. We are looking for a new art that could present a fascinating wholeness. We already feel that it will be holistic – harmoniously connected, evoking an initiating experience as in the ancient mysteries of Eleuzina. 

Imagine that in one place, in one exciting experience, in one space could imagine fundamental breakthroughs, the principles of quantum physics, Jungian psychology, new ways of healing, education etc. We could see the world as a mandala. Alchemically distilled essence of knowledge, experience and other possible scenarios. The chance to see life as a great game in which we all play. 

The more specifically we can imagine this exhibition, the more precisely we design it. Yes, we compose the image of the world as a plan of the exposition. Therefore, we would like to invite you to the imaginative game process. Imagine that we are curators of this future exhibition. Let us try to design this mandala, a mosaic of human genius and fatal falls, as if we would like to introduce children into the world they enter into, whose heirs and creators are at the same time. As the main communication principle we chose the play. 


Play is the principle of creation and knowledge. It is a phenomenon that can overcome the restrictive effects of reason. The natural need for a human being to play may be what we are looking for. The meaning of the play is marginalized by reason, and perhaps the key lies here. The magic formula: Try to imagine”… has a stunning effect. Reason is overwhelmed by the freedom of imagination and surrenders, in favor of the deepest experience and feeling of joy. In the mystery of ancient theater, this principle was used to imprint collective experience. During the play, experience arises as if it was really experienced. The just like” principle becomes a reality. 

The presence of the game continues to reaffirm, in the highest sense, the supra-logical character of our situation in the universe. … We play and know that we are playing, that is, we are more than reasonable beings, because the game is unreasonable. ”(Johan Huizinga: HOMO LUDENS) 

“Gaming is therefore always more than just behavior within the world, man’s actions or activities. In a game, one” transcends “himself, transcends the boundaries that he has surrounded himself and has” realized “… he can always start over and throw away his burden life history. ”(Johan Huizinga: HOMO LUDENS) 


Let’s imagine that we have the opportunity to create a new world exhibition of New Reality. 

That we’re taking a big inventory. It is not a written book, web portal, documentary film, but a real exhibition to which we invite the public. 

As a starting point, we have chosen 6 areas that define the parts of human action and interaction. This is mainly because this division will be comprehensible to the audience. 

Imagine 6 large pavilions in which a fascinating picture is composed. The past, present and future of man. Nothing is static, it is a growing, living organism, expanding with new knowledge. He is not looking for a uniform, universal objective reality, because it probably does not exist at all. We initiate a child’s joy of sharing subjective realities where everything is possible. 

Education is understood as determining processes for the development of the child’s personality and a tools for development of creativity. However, it is also an instrument of inprinting social and cultural dogmas, mainstream principlesdengerous agreements. The key to moving new generations forward. 

Knowledge includes both science and spirituality. Knowledge exact and mental. Knowledge is the age-long desire of man to answer the fundamental questions of being. 

The economy encompasses everything related to maintaining human life in material reality. Where can uncontrolled economic growth lead? Are we rulers or rulers of the world? What are the basic needs of man? Poverty versus wealth. Prosperity and abundance as the right of all? Phenomenon and history of money. Consumer life vainly saturating the hardship of the soul 

Society. Let’s look at historical models of the organization of the world. Does human society have to be managed? Free and manipulated game. How is it in nature? Is it possible to practice the principle of solphrosine – moderation in society? Do we need leaders? Governance or government systems. Basic income model as a new beginning? A dull herd or an intelligent flock? The collective field of consciousness and unconsciousness of humanity? Artificial intelligence and other dangerous toys 

Health. Compare traditional and modern principles of maintaining health. The desire for immortality. Death as a social taboo. Self-healing mechanisms. Harmony body and soul. Social and cultural dogmas and their influence on health. Civilization diseases – reality or illusion? Neuroimunopsychologie. Frequency medicine. 

And finally the Art that we understand as a synthesis of the previous. Art that abstracts and reveals symbols, images, speaks the soul’s language, and speaks of the fact that beauty is the main principle of creation. 

We imagine that it is possible to create an experience that addresses all the senses, working with all forms of art, and telling the exciting story of a newly viewed history and quantum reality, where the visitor is not a passive onlooker but an actor! Where through the play directly influences and is influenced. We reveal a new world where atomized activities show up in a new order, in the form of a beautiful mandala. The power of ideas and visions is homeopathic. A very slight impulse can trigger a great reaction. The solution is not complicated and begins with the individual. We are closer than we think…. 

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