For Catalizing a Paradigm Shift at the Lazlo Institute

The ECR-Institute was invited to give a presentation at a conference called “Catalizing Paradigm Shift” at the Lazlo Institute in Bagni di Lucca, Italy.

The presented topic was a synthesis of long discussions between Marcus Schmieke, Prof. Johannes Heinrichs and Daniel Dick about the polyvalent logic of Gotthard Günther in the first place and the basics of complementarity including the Jung-Pauli dialogue.

The two-valued logic of either wrong or right, which excludes the “third” is regarded as old-fashioned and not suitable to explain consciousness on a formalized level based on philosophical precision. A third value was introduced by the means of the reflexion. The dualism of subject and object is soften by its interaction. Gotthard Günthers division into three values named double reflexion, reflexion and inflexibility. Double reflexion occurs through reflection on reflection, whose characteristic is inwardness and its second-value expression subjectivity. Irreflexibility appears as the unattainable and non-reflective objectivity whose inclusion in a subjectivity is possible through the reflexion process.

Introcluding the thought of Johannes Heinrichs and the complementarity of spirit (in German: Geist, which is meant by Görlitz as protyposis, a pre-given and meaningless source of information) and matter on one axis, and consciousness and unconsiousness on another axis, Marcus Schmieke dveloped a orthogonal complementarity with various intersections, pavong the way to explain archetypes, quantum effects, measured information, and the four Jungian psychological types in a congruent way.

The presentation held by Daniel Dick was well received. Erwin Lazlo called it “a fruitful approach”. Further thought are in progress as well as to write a detailed sum up, which is going to be found in the knowldge section of the website.

Also many connections have been established. To mention is the Scientific and Medical Network based in the UK. Have a look into their work and their activities.

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