Dr. Regina Hess: Sexuality, Spirituality & Altered States of Consciousness

How can we remember the relationship the entire living ecosystem and the truthful experience it as a physical one? How can we act in a global crisis of extinction that has separated us as human beings and from the rest of life? This presentation outlines the cultural complex of our modern Western civilization – which C.G. Jung diagnosed as dissociation – in which our human nature feels separated from our original nature. How can we overcome this tragic split from egoism to ecoism?

Entering altered states of consciousness can be advantageous to revive our archaic knowledge and integrate it into our modern mind. Consciousness-expanding practices, including the use of psychedelics and archidelics, have been used for thousands of years in ritual applications of cultures around the world to improve psychospiritual development, healing and well-being. They can serve as feminine entheogens = in = unity theos God – as a spiritual experience that reinforces the feminine principle of relationship and acts as a bridge between human nature and nature as a whole.

This can include activating our erotic intelligence and sexual authenticity by enchanting our wild sensual body archives. An integral sacred science that combines both the rational knowledge of scientific empiricism and the intuitive knowledge of spiritual experiences is proposed as an integrative paradigm to promote healing of the fragmentation that is at the root of our current world crisis. Case study from near-death experiences all the way to psychedelic research will be presented to illustrate examples from a deep ecological, clinical and psychedelic supported psychotherapy perspective in practice and research.

Lecturers: DR. REGINA U. HESS

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