Swami Sacinandana: Near-Death Experience


Swami Sacinandana Swami Sacinandana is a well-known spiritual teacher who shares with many students the teachings of Bhakti Yoga, known as the spiritual path of the heart and devotion. In his lecture, ͞Exploring the Limits of consciousness held at the congress on June 3, 2018, he speaks about his near-death experience, which took place during an operation:

He woke up during the operation and perceived the pain more and more consciously. The pain became so severe that he thought he was going insane. Suddenly he felt detached from the pain and was above his body. From that moment everything went without any effort.

Swami Sacinandana points out toward the end of his description of his near-death experience, that each of us is a conscious being beyond the many roles we play. This conscious being is eternal in its essence, full of knowledge, bliss, and divine love. Only when we step back from our wants and our masks will it be possible to make contanct with this essence.

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