Social Wisdom Initiative Goals

  • Create a global platform for the exposure of the human ego and the individual conditioning that is an inevitable result of the human ego needs. This platform will articulate the vision of The Social Wisdom Initiative, explain the consequences of the human ego, guide individuals through a process of healing and taming the ego, promote living with Social Wisdom 
    1. Videos 
    2. Workshops 
    3. Guidebooks 
    4. Curriculum 
    5. Articles 
    6. Social media platforms 
  • Create measurable indicators of living with Social Wisdom

7. Development of indicators of living with ego needs versus living with Social Wisdom

1. i.e. rates of acts of violence, arrest rates, prisoner reform rates, reports of bullying and harassment within our systems, qualitative reports of       employee satisfaction

8. Development of indicators that correlate taming of the ego and the development of social wisdom with achieving the 17 SDGs of the United Nations 

1. i.e. rates of global collaborative initiatives, numbers of businesses engaged in promoting the 17 SDGs, rate of innovations for free energy, rates of treatments of “incurable” diseases, rate of natural healing treatment centers, rates of SDG 2030 global partners 

  • Bring Social Wisdom into the corporate and educational settings 

9. The needs of the human ego are understood and learning to live with Social Wisdom are taught throughout one’s employment or educational experience 

10. Emotional intelligence is as equally valued as mental intelligence 

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