Prof. Ervin Laszlo – Cosmology & Consciousness

The gulf that separated science from the spiritual dimension of experience is now closing. The quantum sciences reveal a world that is closer to the classical insights of spirituality than to the billiard-ball push-pull world of classical mechanics. The new paradigm emerging in the synthesis of the findings of cutting-edge science suggests that there is an intrinsic dynamic behind the events that created the world we observe. Evolution in the universe is incomprehensible without the assumption of something like what Bergson called “élan vital.” In its absence the universe would still be a flux of random events, not any more coherent than the interaction of quantum particles. The coherence of the universe, regarded by Einstein and other major cosmological physicists is perhaps the most “miraculous” of the phenomena we observe. Its explanation does not call for postulating a “higher” sphere or dimension of reality, only for recognizing the presence of an “attractor” in the effect of the laws of nature. This attractor introduces a “bias” into the otherwise random interaction of particles and creates atomic structures which, in physically favorable conditions, cohere into molecules, and molecular structures that cohere into systems with capacities for self-regulation and self-evolution. Processes in this nonrandom universe conduce toward complex and coherent systems that, in the most evolved form exhibit the phenomena of life. In a consistently even if nonlinearly evolving universe the minimum adequate hypothesis is the presence of a coherence-orienting “holotropic” attractor. The roots of this attractor can be discovered in spontaneous experiences that each beyond the limits of conventional explanation. This claim, explored by the author in his forthcoming book “Reconnecting with the Source” (St. Martin’s Press, March, 2020) bridges the science-spirituality divide without rendering science unacceptably speculative, and reducing or ignoring the “spirit” perceived in the world’s spiritual systems.

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