Mental control of an electron spin by the IACR

In 2012, we started a research project at the Kolberg research site together with Prof. Ron Bryan from Texas A&M University, Texas USA to mentally control the electron spin of a single magnesium ion. In 2015 and 2016, the focus of the research activities of the two physicists Dr. Thorsten Ludwig and Markus Fromm in the construction of this experiment. In recent years the experimental setup has been further developed. The laser laboratory was extensively rebuilt so that the laser beam can be coupled into the vacuum chamber with the ion trap. A more powerful pump laser and other dyes were also tested. The aim was to generate a stable UV laser beam. Beside the laser system there was the subproject vacuum chamber and ion trap. Here the efforts lay in further improving the ultra-high vacuum. Now a pressure of 10-11 mbar can be maintained. In addition, the existing trap was optimized or replaced by a new and better trap. Another Channeltron was purchased and further modifications were made to the vacuum and detection system. In order to achieve stronger networking with other scientists, both researchers visited ECAMP to increase the visibility of the experiment and to exchange knowledge.

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