Dr. Chris Bache: Mapping the Transcendent: The Science of Psychedelic Experience

As the renaissance of psychedelic research continues to take hold, psychedelics are proving to have not only great psychological value but also great philosophical value, for they are giving us systematic access to dimensions of consciousness that lie far beyond space-time reality.
The science of psychedelic experience is allowing us to explore and map the transcendental dimensions of existence, marking the beginning of a new era in philosophy.

In 1979, I began an intense 20-year psychedelic journey—73 high-dose LSD sessions following Stanislav Grof’s protocols. This undertaking became the philosophical adventure of a lifetime, but one I had to keep largely hidden from my university colleagues. As psychedelics now return to legitimate scientific and academic discourse, I am sharing the story of what happened on this journey in LSD and the Mind of the Universe ~ Diamonds from Heaven (2019).

In this presentation, I will give an overview of this journey, marking some of the boundaries crossed and challenges encountered. Categories will include: crossing the perinatal plain, the Ocean of Suffering, Deep Time and the Soul, the Greater Real of Archetypal Reality, the Oneness of Causal Reality, the birth of the Future Human, and Diamond Luminosity.

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