Humanism 2.0 by Katerina Melenova and Matya Polnicky

How to introduce the latest, fascinating scientific discoveries to the world that mechanistic and material science cannot accept without leaving the role of a paradigm guardian? How to accept that the principle of creation could be beauty and harmony? How to adopt a new paradigm? How many times in history the paradigm changed? We are on the threshold of a new era. Essential discoveries want to be interpreted, presented and used. Several centuries have passed since the brave Renaissance scientists refuted the religious paradigm of the earth as the center of the universe. It took immense courage, but in the end, it succeeded. Here it comes!  Eppur si muove! (“And yet it is spinning!”)

We would like to inspire you with the idea of Humanism 2.0. Let’s imagine that it is possible to build on the principles of the Renaissance and to rediscover faith in humanity and the soulful universe. We seek new inspiration for a fulfilled life based on the consciousness of the unity of all principles and of creation. We move towards the soul, creativity, joy of sharing and to discover the power of collective consciousness.

Through the game we call NEW REALITY, we can overcome the limitations of reason that dictates what must be possible and what is impossible. We activate body intelligence and soul with beauty. We bring back the game, which is an important tool of interpersonal interaction and the basic tool of a child discovering the world. The New Reality Game wants to be a contribution to the process of initiating and researching consciousness of humanity. This is a game free of old paradigm rules – the winner, the career, the fame, the better, the greater, the truth, the justice, the war, etc.

We present a joyful play with imagination, inspiration, trust, respect and responsibility that leads to the creation of harmonic experience. Collective experience is so fascinating and uplifting that it always overcomes the satisfaction of individual victory. Try to imagine what happens when human beings unite and create higher intelligence? Just as nature it manifests itself in front of our eyes. Try to imagine the latest discoveries integrated into reality. Let’s imagine that the game is a gift of the gods to man, to discover his/her divine potential… Let us take seriously the discoveries of quantum physics that human consciousness shapes reality and that we are at a crucial crossroads. We believe together with Renaissance artists, philosophers, scientists and patrons in the beauty of creation and man!

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