Can quantum physics change the world?

Many people believe that quantum physics is ushering in a new age.  A new paradigm describes science for its field.

Renowned quantum researchers like Zeilinger are faced with many questions before their experiments and almost all of them agree that information is a fundamental quantity in the universe, maybe even more fundamental than matter, space or time at least in physics.

Thus, quantum physics now establishes the connection to consciousness and its exploration, since it is now somehow connected.

It is often assumed that everything is information. This means partly, in a scientific way of thinking, that everything only exists if we are aware of it or if it has been measured. Some go so far as to say that only consciousness exists.

Philosophers, who have been asking themselves for quite some time what are actually the preconditions of our knowledge, speak out again: Is thinking fundamental? Is it feeling first? Can we actually say something about what is true, and does it have anything to do with ourselves?

The spiritual and religious directions of our time, as well as some traditional religions usually have some statements in common: We are basically one. And, our way of life is shaped by our attitude towards the world. The more positive you are, the more positive something comes to you. Consequently, the entanglement of particles of quantum mechanics is used to explain that information is important; not only information itself, but also what kind of information. We are connected to each other and it doesn’t matter where you are, because the entanglement of the particles is not bound to a place, not even to a time.

Thus, the physicists walk over to the religious views. The spiritual and religious practitioners see themselves confirmed and the philosophers learn physics.

Basically, it doesn’t sound bad, but why do we experience each other separately? Why doesn’t the stone we throw through the air fly according to our intentional will? Do we only have to believe it more firmly? Do we only come to the conscious experience of quantum physics in an enlightened stage?

And can world peace and the ecological crisis be overcome with it? So far not.

We have several possibilities: Physicists can ignore quantum physics, or be content to admit that it is in contradiction to anything believed so far. Or, they have to deal with it in detail. This is not easy, at least experimentally and mathematically. Theoretically, it is less expensive but not easy either, because a new framework is needed to think about all this.

Spiritual and religious people can ask themselves to what extent everything is connected or not and how they can really make use of quantum physics.

And the philosophers could climb over the imagined fence of the disciplines to the physicists once more often and give them some advice for new questions.

The question of whether quantum physics can change the world remains unsolved, but it offers a new world view, a new way of understanding some principles of reality that makes a new world possible. How we have to understand this, is now up to the observer. But the stone still flies like never before.

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