Research on Telekinesis by the Biosensory Psychology Institute

Biosensory Psychology: telekinesis, healing and energy-information exchange are natural abilities of the human consciousness. 

The main aim of biosensory psychology is the restoration of a realistic attitude toward consciousness, its abilities and the areas of human knowledge that study them. 

The basis of biosensory psychology was proof obtained from many years of activity in extended studies and the use of para-effects. Such as the ability of every human organism without exception to cause powerful influence on magnetic and absolutely non-magnetic objects of a small mass, causing them to move. We have the opportunity to bring out such abilities in a person. It is precisely the fact that we were able to achieve 100% results by psychological methods, causing a person to move objects of small mass, which serves as an evidential base. 

We obtained an opportunity to declare that the human psyche and its processes in classic scientific literature have been given a false description. This fact has not gotten much attention and is forbidden for a number of reasons – social, political and also those of personal nature for people who have seen this phenomenon. 

The fundamental peculiarity of biosensory psychology (psychoanalysis) and psychotherapy is the attitude toward all psychophysical processes (whether of a physical or chemical or of philosophical nature), treating these processes as unconditionally material ones, without the speculation which was inherited from philosophers of antiquity, the Middle Ages and of later periods. 

In 2008, the Institute of Biosensory Psychology under the authorship of Vladimir Tonkov established the world record “The largest community of people, trained telekinesis skills (contactless movement of objects) in the shortest possible time”. It is registered in the “Russian Book of Records and Achievements”. 

Biosensory psychology considers the psyche to be a function of physiology, and also physiology to be a function of the psyche. The central nervous system and particularly the brain can be considered to be a reacting mechanism for regulating physical processes and unification of the ‘highest’ thought activity in undisplayed forms with physiological processes. 

The psyche as seen by biosensory psychology (as well as psychotherapy and psychoanalysis) is an absolutely material multi-density constitution with a rather clearly configured system of reactions to incoming irritants. It is made of absolutely concrete different material substances and reacts to distortions and irritations of the ambient space in a rather organized way. 

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