T.R.U.E for kids – The Renaissance University of Europe

Our goal is to create a sustainable, flexible learning environment in which life long learning is possible and in which the individual and collective potential is highly supported. The learning environment is supposed to be embedded in an holistic environment to fit to the dynamically changing needs of our modern society and to the needs of our children, as they are the future of our society. 

This is the vision of “Performance city”, The Renaissance University of Europe, T.R.U.E. 

The basement of the learning environment is formed by three pillars. 

  1. An alternative, modern educational concept, fitting to the needs of a dynamically changing society and an altered state of information exchange.
  1. Well equipped learning environment for free, highly supported, individual learning (science labs, language labs, engineering workshops…)
  1. A cooperative platform for “experts” (teacher) from all parts of society. Likethis adultscan work together with children and children can work together with “experts”, both sides can learn from each other. 

The theoretical, pedagogical foundation is described by the 8 areas of potential development. 

Courage + Bravery 

Movement + Beauty 

Focus + brain hemispheres 

Balance + Emotional stability 

Responsibility + Independence 

Creativity + Flexibility 

Cooperation + Social skills 

Patience + Persistence 

To enhance the holistic individual potential, we work with methods deriving from these basic principles,  to “unblock” and raise the potential of individuals as well as the potential of collectives. 

Some of the methods being used are the following; gymnastics, flying with the plane, parachuting, balancing, intuitive music, flying with simulator,  various drawing techniques (working with both brain hemispheres), Czech pong… 

For more information visit: www.science21.cz 
contact: stephan.drescher@science21.cz