Institute of Biosensory Psychology, St.Petersburg, Russia

The Institute operates in St. Petersburg since 1993. 

The Institute offers additional professional education in the field of applied psychology. Any person over 18 years old is welcome to learn how to develop his extrasensory skills, including increased sensitivity and perception as well as memory, attention, thinking, speech, feelings, and will. 

At seminars and courses people study how to develop their natural biosensory abilities. The term “biosensory” consists of two words: “bio” – life, and “sense” – feeling. Teachers of the Institute teach people to develop abilities that make them a living sentient being: perception, sensitivity, thinking. They implement this development in applied fields: extrasensory practices and healing, and help a person to use the acquired skills in his personal life, work and business. 

The Institute provides professional education for Russian and foreign specialists in the field of biosensory psychology and healing. 

The Institute organizes and administers scientific and practical conferences on issues of biosensory psychology, healing and energy-information exchange. During our conferences participants listen to the speeches of physicists, mathematicians, physicians, psychologists, chemists and healers who explore the human consciousness. 

The Institute participates in the legislative process on the establishment and improvement of the regulatory and legal framework governing the healing. 

In 2008, the Institute of Biosensory Psychology under the authorship of Vladimir Tonkov established the world record “The largest community of people, trained telekinesis skills (contactless movement of objects) in the shortest possible time”. It is registered in the “Russian Book of Records and Achievements”.