Matyas Polnicky

Matyas Polnicky is the author of a ”Game for better life” that combines education, entertainment and a healthy lifestyle into a holistic form which resembles a collective social game focusing on adequate development of human potential, a new renaissance of man and consciousness.

He strives to teach individuals about ethical principles that are linked to pragmatic methods informing about how to experience, create and develop conscious life and share knowledge on it in harmonious relationship with one’s indentity, family, society,culture and unitary collective consciousness of nature.

He was the head of the field research of parapsychology in Prague and organizer of collective meditations with purpose of phenomenogolical description of effective forms of natural/acient human abilities and telepathy in a multilingual group, to then create an universal collective language and to use the information field as a tool for quick and non-causal learning.

In present time he is the main developer of the project The University of Human Possibilities, where he is combining movement, art, science and spirituality to an unique and free lifestyle creating possibility for a new revolution in alternative learning systems.

He is focused on international connection of creative people with the purpose of generating a collective power to integrate effective old ways of healthy life, combine individual techniques and modern scientific proofs to create a type of multidisciplinary synthesis on the way to free cooperation based on unprecedented friendship and unconditional love.