Stephan Drescher

I worked as a passionate teacher in German middle schools for 8 years. 

During this time I learned, that our current school system has a high lack of promoting an environment which supports each individual to develop its highest potential. The current school system is rather degrading the potential of children then increasing it. 

System errors within our education system create a vicious circle in which no single instance can be blamed to be guilty or responsible for the outcome of this system. This means that the system has to be transformed into a dynamic and sustainable system which fits better to the needs of our current society and mainly to the needs of our children as they are the society of our future. 

Since beginning of 2018 I am working for the foundation “Science 21” in Prague, Czech Republic. 

Our vision is to create a learning environment which fits to the dynamically changing needs of our modern society. We create a learning environment in which life long learning is possible and in which the individual potential is highly supported. Therefore we developed methods to “unblock” and raise the potential of individuals as well as the potential of collectives. 

When we learn to be responsible for ourselves in all areas of our life, we can start to be responsible for others and for the whole society. At this moment we will be able to cooperate on a high level and be responsible for our home, planet earth.