Šárka Dominová

Šárka Dominová, who has been working in the field of organic food and eco products for 20 years, is the owner of the largest health food and herbs store in the Czech Republic. Šárka specializes in aromatherapy and publishes books on the use of essential oils of therapeutic quality in everyday life. She has been interested in the meaning of life and the possibilities of human consciousness since her youth.

Traveling around the world, Šárka has gained enormous experience and insight, which she now passes on, motivating and inspiring others to positive communication, personal courage and travel, which she believes is the best school of life. Meeting and collaborating with many sages and shamans has greatly influenced her path. However, a breakthrough in her life was the encounter with Colombian Indians and the Colombian society.

She has started to pose fundamental questions. How does the surrounding society affect us? How can life in a community suffering from long-term violence be harmful to a human being and where is de facto the limit of humanity? How can we influence the community by our thinking, speaking, behavior and acting? By always acting for the benefit of the community?

Šárka founded the Jaguar People Foundation to support Indians, while being close to them, getting to know them and learning from them. Her story comes to the crucial point, from which she brings an important message for understanding of how the ancient and modern civilizations can support each other.

She studies the life of the human being as a creator of the original story in the collective consciousness of society and culture. Her story deals with courage, experience and double integration action to help an ancient society develop and survive in the modern world, and second, to bring the old knowledge of the Spiritual Consciousness to present-day world. She acts as a translator between two worlds. Both worlds must continue their evolution and the synthesis of life with understanding consciousness. However, both worlds have an opportunity to learn from each other.