Maurizio Rosettani

Maurizio Rosettani is an Italian designer, founder, and partner of HSIGN Srl, a company that has been working in interior design for about 40 years.  

In 2010 he decided to turn his 1978 degree thesis into a project: “Man-Space relationship, exploring the interactions and his results in terms of emotions, effects on health, but also the satisfaction of creative expression needs and Self-seeking: A fluid space”. 

In this way he founded an R&D Team “HighSign” within his company, composed by Architects, Engineers, Psychologists, Designers, Biologists, Experts in NPL, Energy Medicine, Information and Communication Technology, involving over the years also Universities and research centers1. 

Studies have therefore been carried out on classical and modern architecture, ancient builders, oriental traditions, Vastu, Feng-Shui, geomancy and geobiology, radionics, shape waves, quantum physics, trying to combine Mother Nature universal rules with which generates the shape and contents of things, with architecture and man consciousness. The mind and living space interactions were explored: space is the place where the mind is able to activate conditions to construct reality, but in addition to the intentions, it needs also to prepare a fertile “ground” to reach a reality creation. The inhabited environment must be an energy  “attractor” and also a “condenser” where the energy implosion charging, must be able to be fed in a fractal mode without facing any obstacles. 

To encourage HighSign project member’s creative interactions, a circular, collaborative working method has naturally been established, where each creative/informative contribution, any stimulus to brainstorming has been shared to increase the discussion and the awareness in each team member 

The research group motivation has ever been animating by awareness to take a part of concrete holistic system development and a methodology (with related tools), able to drive the individual’s life quality improvement, promoting the consciousness development.