I have a goal of bringing The Social Wisdom Initiative and the Human Development Techniques to the Sustainability Development Goals Committees for individual nations, with an ultimate goal of gaining support from The Division for Sustainable Development Goals within the United Nations Global System 
I earned an undergraduate degree in Education, a master’s degree in Educational Administration, an educational specialist degree in Educational Leadership, and numerous certifications that led to roles as a teacher, principal, state-level trainer and developer and creator of a state level process of auditing a school system. 
After working in the field of education for twenty years, I felt called to train, speak, and heal in the areas of spirituality and the natural healing arts. This came after I became a Reiki Master in 2011 and learned to heal myself mentally, emotionally, and physically. My own healing journey led to my delivering thousands of healing sessions to others around the globe and consequently to developing my own unique, and profoundly effective, natural healing technique, the Human Development Healing Technique.I continue to use this method on myself and others, and have trained countless others to integrate this method into their own healing practices. 
I use a combination of my extensive healing experience, my inner wisdom, and my experience as an educational leader and trainer to bring healing into the individual realm as well as the corporate environment. I take s a practical and grounded approach, using a variation of my Human Development Healing Technique to transform inner-office communication and social interaction through my unique training aptly named, “Human Development.” 
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