5th Symposium on the 9th of Sep. Bad Nauheim – Exhibition of Fellows

Date: Monday, September 9, 2019

08:00-09:00: Setting up the exhibition room
09:00- 10:00: 1st Slot


  • Katerina Melenova/ Matya Polnicky o
    • Reborn Renaissance Castle Project and Humanism 2.0
    • Expo for New Reality
  • Andreas Mascha
    • Institution: Integral Consciousness/ World Life Center
    • Building holistic and integral healing center
  • Mauricio Rossetani/ Lorenzo Rossenttani / Roberto Di Giacomo o Institution: Highsign http://www.highsign.eu/
    • Be the architect of your life

10:00-11:00: Slot 2

  • Marco Bischof and Thorsten Ludwig/ Brenda Dunne/ Roger Nelson
    • Institution: IACR Research on Mind-Matter-Interaction
  • Julene Siddique
  • Martin Wittmann and Marcus Schmieke

11:00-12:30: Spezialbeitrag: Diskussion über Reinkarnation mit Chris Bache und Ervin Lazlo


12:30-14:00: Mittagessen

14:00 – 15:00: Slot 3

  • Stephan/ Blanka Drescher
    • Institution: T.R.U.E. The Renaissance University Europe for Kids
    • New schools and new kindergardens
  • Kelly Schwegel
  • Ervin Lazlo/ Julene Siddique/ Jean-Pierre Gerbaulet
  • Ricardo Illy
    • The importance for a new Health Care System

15:30 – 16:50: Slot 4

17:30- 19:00: lunch

19:00- open end: Conclusion

  • Daniel Dick
    • Concluding words



Find the project descriptions and presentation topics here: https://www.ecrinst.com/en/category/researchproject/

Find the biographies and partner institutions here: https://www.ecrinst.com/en/peoplenetwork/



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